Ant outworlds are elements that you can connect directly to the nest with a special connector. This is a part of an ant enclosure, where you can comfortably feed your breeding while maintaining maximum safety. When you order ant outworld from us, you will be assured that the ants will not escape while feeding, and they will not run out of air. The outworlds are perfectly ventilated, made of transparent material and guarantee airtight connections, such as with nests.


Feeding ants - order outworlds and give ants a chance to forage

What is foraging? It's the process when ants explore an area in search of food. That's why you need an ant outworlds to enable ants to get the food you prepare for them. In an artificial outworld, you need to ensure that you provide the ants with conditions that are close to natural. This allows the animals to thrive freely in the prepared environment.

Ant outworlds available in the offer of ANT-EK online store are modern products made with 3D FDM printing and laser cutting technology. This guarantees:

  • the highest quality and precision of manufacture,
  • functionality,
  • durability,
  • the highest transparency.

For ant outworlds, you can connect leak-proof connectors, a wireless moisture and temperature meter, and hoses that allow you to make connections between the outworld, the formicarium, and the nest. By investing in arenas from ANT-EK, you gain the opportunity to create safe living conditions for ants that are as close to their natural environment as possible.

Which ant outworld to chose?

Before ordering an ant outworld, consider several technical parameters. Analyze: the length, width, height, size of the entrance holes and the material of construction of the product. This is the basis for choosing the best possible arena for ants and preparing ideal conditions for feeding and foraging ants on a daily basis.

It is worth adding that in the case of barriers arenas can not be created from alcohol-based chemicals. Such substances can damage the surface of the ant outworld and degrade the acrylic used in its manufacture.

Professional ant outworlds - ideal ventilation and functionality

Our ant outworlds are prepared in such a way that they guarantee excellent conditions for fouling by ants in breeding. An outworld with efficient ventilation is worth opting for when you overwater. This is a basic mistake of novice ant breeders. What's more, you can order numerous accessories for each arena from us, which will make it easier to maintain optimal conditions in the arena when feeding ants.

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