Do you want to learn how to start your own ant farm? Or do you need professional accessories that allow you to safely breed and expand your ant population under optimal conditions? Then you are in the right place. Our offer includes the best formicaria, 3D nests, arenas and ready-made ant breeding kits on the market. ANT-EK online store is the place where every enthusiast will find something for himself.

Essential accessories for raising ants at home - only in the ANT-EK store!

The offer of our online store ANT-EK includes only proven accessories for conveniently raising ants, regardless of the size of the population and the chosen species of animals. We primarily sell such products as:

  • modular nests, where the ant population can develop freely under our constant observation,
  • modular arenas where ants take food,
  • full kits (formicaria) modular for starting your first ant farm.

We also have the necessary accessories that allow you to comfortably start breeding, as well as maintain optimal conditions in the formicaria. These are, first of all, thermometers, pipettes and tubes that allow you to safely connect them with other elements of the culture.

Browse through the offer of our online store, and you will be able to buy professional and transparent formicaria for your breeding without the slightest problem. With the help of the experts at ANT-EK, you will prepare to start breeding ants without the slightest problem. This is a hobby that you can take care of for years, as long as you have the necessary accessories.

Unlimited possibilities for home ant farming - it's possible!

By choosing spacious 3D nests, arenas, as well as nest connectors and splitters, you gain the ability to expand your ant farm to any size. Our products are designed to satisfy even the most demanding ant lovers.

Remember that in order to safely breed these creatures, you need stable formicariums and accessories that will prevent ants from freely leaving their home area. If you are just starting out, order ready-made kits for beginner breeders from us. In one package you will find everything you need to develop your first ant farm.

When you choose our ANT-EK online store, you get:

  • satisfaction guarantee,
  • high quality workmanship of accessories,
  • full tightness of connections of individual elements,
  • proven by many breeders systems that allow you to safely manage your ant farm,
  • reasonable price of the products.

It is worth mentioning that our formicaria, nests and arenas are printed using 3D FDM technology. This means that the individual components are extremely precisely made, so they also guarantee ants an excellent level of adhesion. This translates into the comfort of the reared insects, and thus also ultimately into the efficient growth of the ant population in the home moldikarium.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full offer. We make sure to provide customers only with proven solutions related to ant breeding, such as an effective irrigation system and safe connectors for breeding accessories.

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